Everybody has something to offer. Whether it’s a skill, a product, or information, you have something to share with the world. And now it’s easier than ever to market and sell your services and products on your own. You no longer need a big company to pay you for your knowledge; you can take what you know and make your own profits from it.

Here are just a few of the websites making it possible for you to not only to make a living but also to lead a more autonomous life. In other words, these are the websites that can help you make money from anywhere.


This site is great for just about any professional who has something they can teach to others. Even if your core business comes from providing clients a service, popexpert is a great place to find more clients by educating people on what you know best. You can offer everything from web development and social media marketing to health education and sports coaching. When I first started my websites, I knew nothing. I booked a session with John Hawkins so that I could learn the basics and start from a place of confidence rather than confusion. Other popexperts include yogis, guitar teachers, and lifestyle experts. https://www.popexpert.com


Offer your services to clients from around the world on Elance.com. Freelance jobs on Elance include everything from design and content to marketing and sales to virtual administrative work. There are also freelancers who offer their services in the finance, law, and engineering sectors. Take a look at what other users offer to help you start thinking about what services you can provide. On Elance you’re competing for jobs with freelancers from all over the world so the rates can be competitive. Of course if you earn a good reputation, you can charge more. https://www.elance.com


Similar to Elance, oDesk is an online marketplace where you can post your services and apply for jobs or projects. oDesk, which is younger than Elance but has more users, is known more for its hourly jobs as opposed to projects with a fixed price. The offerings are quite varied and include consulting work, data analysis, and customer service in addition to the creative jobs that are most frequently associated with freelance work—writing and design. https://www.odesk.com


Just about anyone can make money on Fiverr. Case in point, some Fiverr sellers will wish your loved ones a happy birthday by playing it for them on the violin. You can certainly get creative but your best bet is to promote basic services you provide in your personal business. This should be something at which you’re proficient and can turn around without too much time investment as most Fiverr gigs start at $5, whether it’s logo design, video production, content creation, or programming. That said, you can add upgrades to your offering depending on how in-depth the project is. https://www.fiverr.com


As the name implies, 99designs caters to graphic designers. You win work by participating in contests where you compete with other designers for jobs. Contests may involve design work for websites, books, T-shirts, logos, and more. If you have design chops, this is the place for you. http://99designs.com


If you’re interested in selling products as opposed to offering services, turn to Shopify.com. Shopify makes it easy for you to set up an online store with integrated ecommerce services. Prominent features include inventory management, web hosting, connection to fulfillment centers, analytics, and 24/7 support. The basic plan is just $29 a month. http://www.shopify.com


If freelancing isn’t for you and you just need help finding full or part-time work that’s flexible, check out flexjobs.com. FlexJobs can cut through the weeds (or rather all the too-good-to-be-true offers) and find the jobs that really do let you work from anywhere. You have to pay for the convenience of having someone else pound the pavement for you but it will give you back time that could be better spent exploring or doing what you love. http://www.flexjobs.com

Take a step toward workplace independence and give one of these sites a try. The first step is always the hardest but the more you experiment with your own income sources, the easier it will be to figure out what works best for you, and the sooner you can free yourself from the 9 to 5.