As organizations in the social impact sector fight to solve problems all over the world, travel is often tied to nonprofit work. It’s one of the things that drew today’s podcast guest to make a big career change.

Whitney entered business school thinking it would help her find the ideal for-profit job. And it did. “It was exactly the job I pictured getting when I went to business school,” she says. But over the course of her five-year career at Kimpton, she couldn’t shake the influence of the friends she made in the nonprofit world back in school.

Her story is one that a lot of people can relate to. She had a great job, in a cool city, and could afford to take small trips every year to satisfy some degree of the travel bug. But she wanted more, or rather…something different. She wondered if she would feel more fulfilled working at a nonprofit.

In this episode of the Wandering Workers Podcast she talks about the transition she made to the social impact sector—including the uncertainty of leaving a secure job to work for a nonprofit.

“I’m a much stronger person…seeing that I can let go, do something different, apply my skills to a whole different industry, and still be fine.”

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • What it’s like to switch from for-profit work to a nonprofit
  • How working with a career coach can help make a job transition easier
  • Why working with a nonprofit gives you access to a side of the countries you might not otherwise have
  • Why everyone should visit India at some point in their lives
  • How to minimize jet lag
  • Whitney’s back up plan for botched airport pick ups

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