You wouldn’t think an educator and former museum director would find a way to expand his career while traveling but Ed Sobey is proof that it can be done. Instead of looking for jobs abroad, he created his first traveling exhibit and pitched it to museums in Europe. The National Museum of Technology in Sweden took the first bite. He flew over with the exhibit to give workshops and thus began his career on the road.

Now he lectures on cruise ships, trains teachers in foreign countries, and has logged countless miles as a faculty member on Semester at Sea.

It all started with a question: what would it look like if I could spread my message while seeing more of the world?

It’s this practice of asking, “what if…?” that leads to new discoveries in both science and in life. As a global evangelist for creativity, what Ed wants most for all his students is for them to be curious and ask questions.

“Young people never think about the invention of their own lives…the greatest creation they will ever get to make is their life, and they can do darn near anything they want to.”

In this episode of the Wandering Workers Podcast, Ed talks about the specific steps he took to shape his own career.

You’ll learn…

  • The one thing that all the world’s greatest inventors have in common
  • How to create and shape your dream job
  • Why it’s OK—and even important—to be wrong sometimes
  • How to network your way to new opportunities
  • How to make yourself invaluable to expedition leaders
  • Why it’s so important to feed your curiosity
Diving Exumas

Ed Diving in The Exumas

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