Note: This is a two-part episode of the Wandering Workers Podcast. In part one we talk to Johnny DaSilveira about running his location-based business from abroad. In part two we talk about how he does that while traveling the world with his family of four.

For Johnny, gone are the days of throwing a pack on his back and winging it. Kids add an extra layer of planning to everything in life, and that goes for travel too. From keeping them entertained on long drives to finding the right places to stay, you have to plan ahead a lot more than when you travel alone. Even with the added challenges, however, Johnny maintains that the reward is still worth the effort.

In Part 2 we talk about…

  • The one kid-friendly item he never travels without
  • Why it’s worth buying a good stroller
  • Tips for choosing rentals that are kid-friendly
  • How he balances sightseeing with his family and fielding business calls

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