By the time she was 23 Sara had never been on a plane or seen the ocean but she always felt a deep urge to travel. She eased in by applying to grad schools around the country and scheduling a handful of international trips. She was just finding her rhythm when she got sick.

“It took my life away for four years,” she says.

Nothing motivated her travels more than being stuck at home. She realized, that “someday” never comes and you can’t put off the things you know you want most out of life. The sickness both launched her nutrition career and reaffirmed her desire to live outside her comfort zone and move around in the world.

Since she got well, she’s been on the go—running her virtual business, Organically Fit Holistic Health, from all over the world. For this month’s podcast, we got her to sit down long enough to tell us how she does it.

In This Episode You’ll Learn …

  • How Sara built her virtual business
  • The tools she uses to communicate with clients from anywhere in the world
  • How her business evolved to accommodate her travel lifestyle
  • How her travel experiences help her grow her business
  • How to stay healthy while traveling – tips from a real professional
  • Advice for people who want to live the travel life

Sara’s Online Tools

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