After more than a decade of living in the same place, Robert and his wife Kylan wanted adventure. But with a house and the weight of a new doctorate degree under Ky’s belt they didn’t want to be impulsive. The idea was to get out of Philly, immerse themselves in a new culture, and practice a different language. But they didn’t want to put their careers on hold to do so.

They chose Costa Rica and began a yearlong process of transitioning to life abroad. They took several trips to San Jose and interviewed with potential employers. The hope was to establish some base income but also continue working in their established fields.

In this episode of the Wandering Workers Podcast you’ll find out how Robert negotiated a job at one of the top newspapers in the country and how Kylan created an opportunity for herself in a field that was practically nonexistent and unsupported in a developing country.

You’ll also learn …

  • What preparations Robert and Ky made before moving
  • How they saved for the trip
  • Why you don’t have to compromise career growth for life experiences
  • How Kylan transitioned her volunteer work in Costa Rica to a paid dream job in the U.S. (that still affords her the opportunity to work and travel in Latin America)
  • What they’ve learned in the two years they’ve been abroad
  • Advice for people who want to do what they do

Robert recently published a collection of essays about Costa Rica called The Green Season. You can find more of his writing at To learn more about the work Kylan did in the field of Autism, go to

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