Whenever we tell people what we do, we usually get some version of the same response: “You’re so lucky; That would be awesome; I would love working remotely.”

The good news is, it’s not that hard. If you really want to take your work on the road, there’s only one thing standing in your way: You.

How many times have you missed out on an opportunity because you were too afraid to ask for it? How often do you read about people who are underpaid because they’re too scared to ask for a raise?

The secret to working remotely is asking permission to do it. If you don’t present the possibility, the answer will always be no.

Before Jordan started his current role, he told his boss that he didn’t want to be based in San Diego. They came to an agreement that if he proved successful after one year in the head office, he could work from the moon as long as he made his numbers.

I eased into the arrangement with my boss, working half the time in the office and half the time remotely.

For some people, it can be as simple as requesting one work-from-home day each week.

The bottom line is that you have to start the conversation. The worst thing that can happen is your boss says no.