When Heather and Jim left Steamboat Springs, Colorado, their home of 20 years, they were looking for a change. Already seasoned travelers, their goal was to go beyond basic travel and make a complete lifestyle shift. They wanted to live the travel life. It wasn’t easy planning big moves around the world with a dog but they’ve been on the go for more than two years. They’ve lived in places like Costa Rica, camped across North America, and backpacked around Southeast Asia. In this episode of the Wandering Workers podcast Heather and Jim provide answers to all the questions that curious travelers want to know, including how to plan—and pay for—such a big trip.

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • How to prepare for several years on the go
  • How to budget for day to day expenses
  • The hardest part about living the travel life
  • The side effects of Beach Brain
  • Tips for traveling with a dog

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