While many people try to force themselves into an online business in order to accommodate the wandering worker’s lifestyle, Johnny went the opposite route. He bought a location-based business and runs it remotely while traveling the world. Of course it took some work—and some failures—to get to where he is today. We talk about that journey in this episode of the Wandering Workers Podcast.

While he was raised in a multicultural home, it wasn’t until he left his small hometown in a rural part of Northern California that he became fascinated with different cultures. And once his dad took him on a business scouting trip to Brazil following his high school graduation, there was no turning back. That trip sparked both his entrepreneurial spirit and his cultural curiosity.

After moving to Southern California, he sifted through several business ideas before landing on the one that would afford him the lifestyle he wanted. In part one of this two-part episode, Johnny talks about the experiences that led him to buy his location-based business and what systems he had to put in place that would let him travel.

What I love about his story is that he used his strengths and skills to find the right business model for him. In other words, Johnny’s story is not your typical digital nomad’s story.

In Part 1 of this episode we talk about…

  • What failure taught him about the lifestyle he really wanted to live
  • How he progressed from short trips close to home to extended trips abroad
  • How he manages the business from out of town
  • Why he can’t risk relying on Wi-Fi and how he gets around it
  • The phone plan that helps him field close to 100 calls a day from anywhere in the world

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Finally, don’t miss Part 2 of this episode in which Johnny talks about what it’s like to balance traveling with kids…while running a business from the road.